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Medical Malpractice Overview

mal200x267If you or a loved one feel you have been injured by a doctor, hospital or other medical professional, our team of attorneys has expertise in the field and a history of obtaining favorable settlements in cases involving failure to diagnose; improper diagnosis; medication and surgical errors; physical, mental or sexual abuse; lack of trained staff; and other related medical matters.

Overall, medical malpractice claims can be difficult to prove, and to prevail, one needs a seasoned attorney who understands (1) how to evaluate the viability of your claim and (2) how to navigate complex issues for a winning conclusion. Furthermore, the law requires that an expert witness, usually a highly trained physician, testify at trial on your behalf.

For example, you go to a health care provider… doctor, clinic or hospital… with a medical problem and explain the problem, hoping he or she can provide a diagnosis and recommend proper care or treatment. The provider makes a recommendation, which you follow, but the result is not what you expected. You either still have the problem or your condition worsens. So you wonder… “Do I have a claim against the health care provider?”

The answer to your question is complicated because a bad result does not always mean “negligence” was the cause. And, to win in court, you are required to prove the cause was negligence.

In the medical field, negligence by a provider is defined as failure to comply with a specific standard that other providers would offer in a similar circumstance. And, even if you can prove negligence on the part of your provider, you must also show that this negligence “caused” your damages.

A medical malpractice claim is one of the most complicated types of legal matters, and if you are injured by negligent medical care, it is critical that you obtain a highly skilled attorney to advocate on your behalf. At Meiselman, Salzer, Inman & Kaminow, our attorneys are experienced in these matters.

And, we believe you and those dear to you deserve competent, constructive counsel on issues that affect the quality of your lives and livelihood. We will be glad to provide you with a free consultation regarding any claims you have to determine whether a positive conclusion is possible.